Protecting Your Home Against TERMITES

Protecting Your Home Against TERMITES

When you establish a home, one of your goals is to protect it from predators. Cat’s Eye King Pest Control offers a complete termite treatment and termite control system, utilising the world’s most effective products.

Why Should You Choose Cat’s Eye King  for Termite Pest Control Control?

You have a lot of choice when it comes to termite control companies for your home. However, none of your other choices tops Cat’s Eye King’ Termite Treatment and Pest Control Services. Here’s why:

Environmentally friendly: While chemical-free solutions to termite problems aren’t always the most effective, you do get the feelgood factor that comes from dealing with a certified environmentally. Cat’s Eye King Pest Control environmental management standards.

Innovative detection methods: Our termite detection dogs offer an extra layer of certainty in your termite control and treatment plan.

Why Is Termite Control So Important?

There is one main reason why termite control is so important to homeowners – the potential monetary loss. You should know that termite damage in homes:

– Is usually not covered by insurance. This is why Cat’s Eye King Termite Guarantee is so valuable. – Can go unnoticed for some time. You may only notice termite damage when it is too late, without regular inspections. – Can cause the loss of an entire building.

Improper termite control currently causes more damage to buildings in Australia than the combined effects of fires, floods, storms and tempests combined.

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