Termite Control

Termite Control

Price: P3,200

Protek 25% is a premium termiticide concentrate which is proven effective in eliminating termites. Its active ingredient Cypermethrin has been proven worldwide as effective chemical against subterranean termites. Protek Protek 25% is sourced from a world class company Osmose – world’s manufacturer of timber preservation products including Solignum wood preservative.

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Price: P3,500

TERMITROL 2.5 EC (Emulsifiable Concentrate) is a non-repellent termiticide that has a pleasing mild orange scent. It contains 2.% Fipronil that has been proven to work in two ways-protecting structures by killing termites and eliminating termite colonies thus, providing higher reliability and success of termite treatment. It is non-toxic to earthworms and other soil microflora, making it environmentally friendly.

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Price: P3,800 / liter

Agenda 25 EC is the latest class of thermicides to control termites on building land and sawn timber. Agenda 25 EC is a non-repellent that works quickly to suppress and control termite colonies (colony elimination) in a short time. Termites often cause harm, but many of us don't realize it. Not only does it damage the part of the house made of wood, termites can penetrate the house through very small cracks of 1/3 mm, even allegedly can knock down houses and buildings. Agenda 25 EC in a unique way of working provides termite control solutions with different advantages compared to other termiticides:

  1. Effectively controls all types of termites and colonies.
  2. Relatively short control time.
  3. Providing protection in the long term.
  4. Safe for the environment.
  5. No smell.
Instructions for Using Agenda 25 EC: For Building Land targeting subterranean termites Coptotermes curvignathus, the concentration of the formulation is 12-24 ml / L. Application method: Pre and Post construction treatment on the ground using a solution of 5 liters per square meter or linear meter. For sawnwood targeting dry wood termites Cryptotermes cynocephalus, the concentration of formulation is 1-2 ml / L. Application method: Evenly spread on the wood surface. Can also be immersed or mixed with paint, pelitur, or tinner.

Price: P3,800 / gallon

Cyper TC is a pre / post treatment product for subterranean termite, beetle, and other wood destroying insect controls. It also can be used as a barrier treatment for other crawling and flying insects. Cyper TC is almost odorless and protects up to 90 days. Cyper TC is not permitted to be used for a termite treatment inside a property with a well or cistern.


Subterranean Termite Control: apply 0.25%-0.50% solution to establish subsurface termite control barriers as specified on product labeling. Avoid contamination of public and private water supplies by following thse precautions: 1. Use anti-backflow equipment or procedures to prevent spillage of pesticide back into water supplies. 2. Do not treat soil beneath structures that contain wells or cisterns. 3. Care must be taken to avoid runoff. Do not treat soil that is water-saturated or frozen. 4. Do not treat while precipitation is occurring. 5. Care should be taken that the treatment solution is not introduced into the gravel and/or pipe drainage system which may be location on the exterior of the foundation in close proximity to the footing of the structure.

Mixing Directions

Mix the termiticide in the following manner: 1. Fill tank 1/4 to 1/3 full with water. 2. Start pump to begin by-pass agitation and place end of treating tool in tank to allow circulation through hose. 3. Add appropriate amount of CYPER TC Insecticide. 4. Add remaining amount of water. 5. Let pump run and allow recirculation through the hose for 2 to 3 minutes.

Horizontal Barriers:

Horizontal barriers may be established in areas intended for covering such as floors, porches, and other critical areas. Application shall be made by a low-pressure spray (less than 50 p.s.i at the nozzle). Apply the emulsion at the rate of 1 gallon per 10 square feet to fill dirt. If fill is washed gravel or other coarse material, apply the emulsion at the rate of 1-1/2 gallons per 10 square feet. This is not necessary if foundation walls have been installed around the treated soil.

Vertical Barriers:

Vertical barriers may be established around the base of foundations, plumbing, back-filled soil against foundation walls, and other critical areas; applications may be made by trenching and rodding into the trench. Apply the emulsion at the rate of 4 gallons per 10 linear feet per foot of depth. When treating foundations deeper than 4 feet, apply the termiticide as the backfill is being replaced or if the construction contractor fails to notify the applicator to permit this, treat the foundation to a minimum depth of 4 feet after the backfill has been installed. the applicator must trench and rod into the trench or trench along the foundation walls and around pillars and other foundation elements, at the rate prescribed from grade to minimum depth of 4 feet. When the top of the footing is exposed, the applicator must treat the soil adjacent to the footing to a depth not to exceed the bottom of the footing. However, in no case should a structure be treated below the footing. A trench need not to be wider than 6 inches from the base of a shallow trench to the top of the footings. Low-pressure spray (less than 50 p.s.i. at the nozzle) may be used to treat soil which will be replaced in the trench. Mix the emulsion with the soil as it is being replaced in the trench. Hollow Masonry Units of the Foundation: Drill and treat voids in multiple masonry elements of the structure extending from the structure to the soil in order to create a continuous treatment barrier in the area to be treated. Apply at the rate of 2 gallons of emulsion per 10 linear feet of footing using a nozzle pressure of less than 25 p.s.i. When using this treatment, access holes must be drilled below the sill plate and should be as close to possible to the footing as is practical. Treatment of voids in block or rubble foundation walls must be closely examined; applicators must inspect area of possible runoff as a precaution against application leakage in the treated areas. Crawl Spaces: Apply at the rate of 4 gallons of emulsion per 10 linear feet per foot of depth from grade to the top of the footing. Application may be made by trenching and rodding into the trench or trenching. If the footing is exposed at or above grade, application should be made with special care to avoid washout around footing. Treatment should include both sides of foundation and around all piers and pipes. Rod holes should be spaced to provide a continuous chemical barrier. trench need not b wider than 6 inches nor below the foundation. The emulsion should be mixed with the soil as it is being replaced in the trench. Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Product label.

Price: P4,500 / kilo

What is Intrigue? Intrigue, developed in Australia by Bayer, is the world’s first termite dust containing a chitin synthesis inhibitor (CSI). Intrigue offers PCOs a welcome alternative to current dust treatments. Intrigue can be used to eradicate treated colonies. However, there may be more than one colony around a house so it is strongly recommended that a Premise soil treatment be applied.

What is the scheduling of Intrigue? Intrigue is classified in Schedule 5 or Caution’. It contains 80% triflumuron. Triflumuron has oral and dermal LD50s of>5000 mg/kg for rats. What safety equipment is needed to use Intrigue? When using chemicals wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist. Also elbow length rubber gloves and a disposable dust mask shou

Price: P4,499 / liter

Termite Colony Management with "Domino" effect Termite Treatment

Why should I choose Agenda 10 SC?

Agenda 10 SC is a new class of termiticide that has faced the stiffest tests that researchers in Asia and around the world have been able to throw at it.

For you, this means you can now create a protective zone around your home that will not only kill termites, but will manage the termite colony and last for at least five years.

What makes Agenda 10 SC different?

Agenda 10 SC contains a new generation active ingredient called fipronil. This active ingredient is unique to Agenda 10 SC and brings a whole new mode of action against termites.

Agenda 10 SC has the unique ability to control termites, not only where it is applied, but also back at the nest itself through the "Domino Effect".

Also, because it is so effective at ultra-low doses, it remains effective in the soil for at least five years after being applied. This ensures long-term protection of the structure against further termite attack.

The low dose at which it is applied minimizes any impact on the environment, and it will not affect earthworms, soil microorganisms, or plants living in the treated soil.

How Agenda 10 SC works?

Agenda 10 SC is diluted in water and then applied to the soil so that it completely surrounds the foundation of the structure.

When applied as such, Agenda 10 SC effectively forms a protective zone around the structure that will kill any termites that try to enter the building via the surrounding soil.

Agenda 10 SC typically takes a few days to kill termites, so following contamination the termites continue to interact with other members of the termite colony and in doing so pass on some of the active ingredient to many other termites.

In a way Agenda 10 SC works just like a virus, the contaminated termites show no initial symptoms yet pass on the active ingredient to others without them knowing it.

Once a few termites have become contaminated many other termites can catch it from them - this is what we call the "Domino Effect".

The termites spread the active ingredient amongst themselves, thus managing to kill much of the whole termite colony - and eliminating the source!

As a treatment with Agenda 10 SC affects not just those encountering the treated soil, but also the source of the termites, the reliability of termite control is greatly enhanced.

And because Agenda 10 SC remains effective for at least five years, your termite womes are solved long-term.

Price: P3,888/ liter

Cislin EC is oil-based with good “flushing” action and knockdown effect. It can be used in a wide variety of situations to provide a strong visual effect, as well as good residual control of a variety of insect pests. It is effective in on a variety of surfaces. Cislin EC contains a highly active light stable pyrethroid for effective kill and good residual effect. It is applied as a coarse spray directly onto surfaces, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Key Benefits: Flushing action to drive insects out of their harbourages giving a fast action and strong visual effect. A versatile insecticide which enables it to be used in a wide variety of situations. Easy to pour and mix, so it’s easy to use. Provides good residual activity reducing frequency of application. Controls most common insect pests so there’s no need to buy several different products.

Price: P2,800 / liter

It protects all types of wood, sawn timber, bamboo and leadrite-big-new-flat other indigenous material against molds and sapstain fungi that last for a minimum of 3 years. It is biodegradable and is safe to use.

It has a unique mode of killing growth inhibiting or fungistatic action. It stops the growth of the fungi, effectively preventing further infection and/or invasion of host tissues.

It is highly compatible to LEADS s Woodtec(EC or RTU) for a complete protection against insect and fungal attack.

Price: P1,200 /L

Wazary@ 10FL, a new water-based low mammalian hazard soil treatment termiticide, was evaluated as a soil repellent agent under controlled laboratory conditions against Coptotermes formosanus. Extremely low doses of fenvalerate in the specialised Wazary formulation (0.005% w/v) were found to produce 75% repellency.

Dosage Wazary 10FL Termiticide is a repellent / kill agent. The few termites that are persistent in their attack on the repellent barrier will pick up sufficient product to kill both themselves and those individuals that come in to contact with them. In order to obtain the residual activity expected of the new generation of such soil treatment termiticides, final dose levels of between 0.25 - 0.5% are now recommended following extensive in-situ field tests. Application Method Surface treatment Apply (spray) diluted WAZARY 10FL at the rate 3-6L/m2 with sprayer on ground. Soil Injection Make holes with electric drill in the concrete slab at intervals of 0.5-1.0m. Apply 3-6L of diluted WAZARY 10FL to each hole with a soil injector. Application Rates Wazarv 10FL - Dilution and Application Rates Post-construction Treatments Dilute Wazary 10FL with water at the rate of 1 part to 39 parts water (1 : 40). Apply the solution at the rate of 5 litres per linear metre to trenches dug to the base of the foundation of the building being treated, or via drill holes spaced at 30cm intervals in flooring slabs. Excavated soil should be treated and used as a backfill as well as the soil under and around porches. To avoid exposure of treated soil to direct sunlight, exposed areas may be covered with a thin layer of untreated soil. Pre-construction Treatments Dilute Wazary 10FL with water at the rate of 1 part to 39 parts water (1 : 40). For overall treatment of floor slabs porch floors and entrance platforms, apply solution at the rate of 4 litres per square metre or 7 litres per square metre if fill is washed gravel or other coarse material. On hollow block foundations, or voids of masonry, apply solution at the rate of 7 litres per three linear meters. In crawl spaces, apply the solution at the rate of 5 litres per linear meter per 30cm of depth from grade to bottom of foundation. Apply the solution on both sides of the foundation with special attention around pipes and piers. Remedial and Spot Treatments If there is evidence of termite re-infestation after the initial treatment resulting from disruption of the chemical barrier that can arise due to human activity such as excavation, construction and landscaping, or simply following an incomplete initial treatment, re-treat in accordance with the application techniques described within the Post-construction section. Characteristics: • Long residual efficacy • Strong repellent efficacy • Easy to store and handle • Less irritation and smell • Low mammalian toxicity • Safe to the environmen

Price: P4,800.00 / gal

Bifen IT is a product that does not break down easily with rain once it bonds to the surface. Bifen IT is a clear substance and leaves no stain on painted surfaces. Active Ingredient: Bifenthrin 7.9% Target Pest: over 75 different pests -- everything from spiders, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ticks and fleas to pillbugs, chinch bugs, earwigs, millipedes and termites. Application: inside, outside, around the perimeter, ornamental, and food handling areas(limited) Mixing: quart of Bifen IT yields up to 96 gallons depending on target pests. To make 1 gallon of 0.06% emulsion, mix 1 oz. of Bifen IT with 124 oz. of water Pet Safe: Yes, when dry. May not be shipped to : MA, NY, CT, SC, HI, AK Bifen IT can used in a hose-end sprayer or compressed sprayer.

Price: P6,800.00 / gal

Bora-Care diffuses into wood and remains there for the life of the wood, providing residual protection The active ingredient in Bora-Care is a borate salt. Borate salts work by taking advantage of a unique feature in the biology of termites, ants and other insects. If ingested by ants, beetles or termites, the insect becomes unable to extract nutrition from its food and starves to death. And because of this unique mode of action, insects cannot develop a resistance, ever.

Bora Care is mixed 1:1 to 2:1 depending on insect and thickness of wood. Bora-Care works differently than most other insecticides, termiticides and even other borate products on the market today. For starters, it isn’t applied to the soil but to the structure itself. Secondly, it isn’t just a repellent or a bait but a little bit of each. Bora-Care’s unique patented blend of glycols in combination with a borate salt provides results that are hard to beat. As soon as beetles and ants attempt to consume treated wood they die. Subterranean termites won’t even try to eat treated wood and if they attempt to build a tube on treated wood, the termites start to die. This alerts the termite colony and they abandon the wood. Bora-Care is applied directly onto wood surfaces. Bora-Care then penetrates the wood, protecting it throughout. Because the active ingredient in Bora-Care is a mineral salt, it doesn’t break down over time, so it remains in the wood for the life of the wood, providing residual protection. By keeping the wood sealed or protected from moisture as in the wall voids of your home, you eliminate the need for retreatment. Unlike soil treatments, Bora-Care is not pumped into the ground and poses no threat to lakes, rivers, aquifers or the environment. Bora-Care can even be used on lakeside homes where soil termiticides may be prohibited. Bora-Care’s active ingredient is a natural mineral salt called Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate (DOT), which contains the element boron. Boron is an element on the periodic table that is already present in the environment – not only in the ecosystems outside of your home – but also in many of the products you use inside such as soaps and cosmetics. Boron is also found in many of the vegetables we eat. BORA CARE Termite Insecticide, Termiticide and Fungicide is a highly effective odorless pesticide which offers an innovative approach for the control and elimination of termites. BORA CARE is an EPA Registered, low toxicity pesticide designed to penetrate and protect all types of wood, including plywood and composites, from infestations of wood boring insects such as termites, Powderpost beetles, carpenter ants and decaying fungi. BORA CARE is designed to treat the termites' food source - wood and other cellulosic materials. BORACARE works by depositing an active ingredient in the wood which will not decompose or vaporize like many other pesticides. This means that it will keep providing broad spectrum protection with little impact on our environment. In addition, BORACARE provides long term protection (up to 40 years)against future infestations.Odorless concentrate used to prevent or eliminate active infestations of Drywood, Formosan and Subterranean termites. Boracare prevents reinfestation, kills powderpost beetles and their larva,Anobid beetles, Old House Borers and stops Carpenter ant damage. Boracare destroys existing decay fungi and provides protection against reinfestation. Boracare is labeled for use on natural untreated wood.Excellent for pre-construction of decks, fence posts or any other wood surfaces that make contact with the soil. Provides protection for the life of the wood. Indoor and outdoor use. It's the best insurance you can buy for wood destroying insects and organisms. Bora Care is mixed 1:1 to 2:1 depending on insect and thickness of wood. Boracare Dilution Tables below for more details. . One gallon of Boracare can be sprayed or brushed on and covers from 200-800 sq. ft. Boracare may be used on natural untreated wood.Excellent for pre-construction of decks, fence posts or any other wood surfaces that make contact with the soil. Provides protection for the life of the wood. Indoor and outdoor use. It's the best insurance you can buy for wood destroying insects and organisms. DILUTION RATIOS by volume TABLE A. Dilution Ratios Water to Target Pests BORA-CARE Application Notes All Insects and Decay Fungi 1:1 Spray, Injection, Brush, Roller Subterranean and Formosan Termites 1:1 or 2:1 2:1 dilution ratio may be used for foaming Drywood Termites 1:1 or 2:1 Anobiid and Lyctid Powderpost Beetles 1:1 or 2:1 Use a 2:1 dilution ratio for treating hardwood floors. Logs require a 1:1 ratio. All other beetle species 1:1 Carpenter Ants 1:1 or 2:1 Decay Fungi 1:1 or 2:1 Use a 1:1 dilution ratio on wood members 2" thick or greater. Drywood Termites, Powderpost Beetles and Decay Fungi 5:1 Two (2) applications required for surface spray. For prevention only. TABLE B. Application Dilution Ratios Water to BORA-CARE® Application Notes Logs, Large Beams and Dimensional Lumber 1:1 All Insects and Decay Fungi. Preventative Treatment of Decking, Fences and Plywood 2:1 Use on wood members 2" in thickness or less. Prevention of Powderpost Beetles and Drywood Termites 5:1 For prevention only. Logs, Large Beams and Dimensional Lumber 5:1 Dip treatment only.

Price: P1,200.00/ l

Biflex 2.5 EC is effective at low concentrations - Independent that have shown the Biflex 2.5 EC stops termites. We'd have to use at least ten to twenty times as much of some other termiticides to match the stopping power of Biflex 2.5 EC . That's a powerful advantage we know you'll want.

Biflex 2.5 EC keeps protecting longer - We want your home to have long-lasting protection, and Biflex 2.5 EC delivers it. In CSIRO field trials in Australia as well as other global trials, Biflex 2.5 EC has provided outstanding termite control, compared to competitive products. Professional use of the product has been similarly successful.

Biflex 2.5 EC won't hang around in your home - Its active ingredient has very low volatility. That means you're not exposed to airborne residues after treatment and Biflex 2.5 EC has very low odour compared to other products. You want termite protection to be as environmentally responsible as it is effective, and we agree. That's another reason we have chosen Biflex 2.5 EC as the best option. Finally, Biflex 2.5 EC can be safely used to create termite barriers around vegetables and fruit trees because of its non-systemic features.Biflex Termiticide Insecticide:

Price: P6,800.00/ L

• A suspension concentrate • For the protection of buildings against subterranean wood destroying termites • Transfer effect ensures colony elimination • Low-odour • Can be used as perimeter treatment • Non-repellent • Excellent safety storymice.

Premise SC200 SC a non repellant type of termiticide that is used for pre and post construction, soil poisoning termite control for subterreanean Termites.

Price: P3,500.00/ liter

D-FENCE Soil Termiticide - Brand for Soil PoisoningStrong Repellant Killing Action D-Fence is a potent pyrethroid termiticide that kills termites through direct contact and ingestion. Treated soil serves as a barrier that prevents penetration of termites

Cost Efficient • D-Fence is highly potent, you only need a little amount of concentrate to cover a big soil area. •1 liter of D-Fence will give a total of 50 m2coverage
-Fence Water in Liter (L) SQM Coverage Linear Meter
1 liter 250 50 50
500 ml 125 25 25

Long-lasting protection

  • D-Fence's long residual effect protects your home or building from termite attack for a long period of time.

Green Band and Less Hazardous

  • D-Fence is a green label termiticide which belongs to the least toxic category among pesticides yet it is effective in killing termites, thus protecting your structures.

Less Odor

  • D-Fence is in ordorless Suspension Concentrate (SC) water-based formulation, making it
I. Brand Name D-Fence
II. Techno - Commercial Details
Active Ingredient Alphacypermethrin
Formulation Suspension Concentrate (SC) - water based
Mode of Action Contact & Stomach
Chemical Group Synthetic Pyrethoid
Toxicity Classification Category IV, Green Band, (Least Toxic)
Dilution Rate 1 liter D-Fence : 250 liter water (for pre- and post-construction)
Application Rate 5 liters solution / 1 sqm for pre-construction
5 liters solution / linear meter for post-construction
Method of Application Apply D-Fence solution as coarse spray to soil that low moisture content, and refer to DIRECTIONS FOR USE (as shown in Label) for details
Packaging 500 ml coex plastic bottle
1 liter coex plastic bottle
Standard Keeping Unit 1 carton x 24 500 ml coex bottle
1 carton x 12 1 liter coex bottle

III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
Alphacypermethrin as the active ingredient Controls termites by contact, stomach & vapor actions Provides effective solution to protecting structures from termites
Category IV, Green Band, Less hazardous to human and environment Long lasting protection
Provides an effective termite barrier for 3-5 years
Water based suspension concentrate Odorless More convenient to use
Binds strongly with soil More persistent in treated soil Less hazardous; does not contaminate ground water
Prevents leaching to ground water
Higher dilution rate Wider area coverage Low application cost
Non-systemic Not absorbed by plants No risk of having residues in plants
Suitable for indoor application (pressurized soil injection)

Price: P4,800.00/ L

Dominion 2L best price Insecticide has the exact same active and percentage Premise. Dominion 2L Insecticide is a non repellent insecticide, termites and insects don't detect it and can't avoid it. Dominion 2L can be used for preventative or active termite infestations. Active ingredient is Imidacloprid 21.4 which is a neonicotinoid, which is a class of neuro-active insecticides modeled after nicotine. Dominion 2L or Premise are great for trenching and soil treatment. Also used for treating wood and wall void foaming. Termites do not detect Dominion or Premise. Since Dominion 2L or Premise are non-repellents, termites can’t detect them; instead, they come directly in contact with the active ingredient, - imidacloprid. Once exposed to Dominion or Premise the termites stop feeding and die. Most of the other commonly used pre-treat termiticide products are repellent, which means that termites avoid treated areas, but continue to search for gaps in the treat ment from which they can attack the structure.

Dominion 2L or Premise are non-repellent termite treatments, meaning that termites unknowingly enter a treated zone of applied chemical.. Applied to soil, Dominion 2L or Premise create a protective zone that has been treated between termites in the soil and wood in your home. Other repellent termite control products rely on a complete barrier to be effective – one small gap in the treatment and termites will find it. Dominion 2L or Premise works by killing termites, not repelling them. Its unique chemistry binds to soil and won't wash away. Dominion 2L or Premise2 get rid of termites in several ways. First, termites are eliminated as they ingest or contact Dominion/Premise in the zone that has been treated.. Second, termites transfer Dominion 2L/ Premise through social interaction and cannibalism. Termites survive as a colony and are in constant contact with each other. . Dominion 2L /Premise is applied at very low rates — up to 10 times lower than some other termite treatments. The exterior perimeter labels of Dominion 2L /Premise allow you to focus your treatments where termite infestations are most likely to occur . Less Intrusive. No inside treatments required unless there are active termite infestations found during inspection. Less drilling required, compared to conventional treatments Complete exterior perimeter treatment of the home required.

Price: P8,000/gallon

The only liquid nonrepellent, non-IGR labeled for indoor general pest control including commercial food handling areas.

The secret behind the success of Phantom termiticide-insecticide lies in it's cutting edge chemistry. It's active ingredient, chlorfenapyr, is totally undetectable. Pests can't smell it, taste it, or, most importantly, avoid it. As a result, they unknowingly contact and ingest it as they go about their routine activities.

Once ingested, Phantom attacks pests from inside their own bodies by preventing their cells from generating energy. This leads to paralysis, and, ultimately, death.

However, this process is not instantaneous, which means Phantom will not cause an accumulation of dead pests in a particular spot. Instead, they continue to behave normally and go about their regular routines for a short time before dying. There is nothing about their behavior to tip off others to Phantom's presence.

Other products are far less stealthy, and, as a result, far less successful.

Phantom is not a knockdown agent

Phantom is a liquid, but it's not at all like the broad-spray liquids you've grown accustomed to. It is selectively applied in small, precisely targeted shots. That means less chemical applied to your customers' homes, and more homes treated per bottle. In addition, Phantom is the only nonrepellant, non-IGR, liquid labeled for use with both baits and IGRs, which means it won't get in the way of the GPC products you're already using

Since Phantom can be reapplied every 28 days, and to outside entry points (doors, windows, eaves, etc.), Phantom is an extremely flexible, service-schedule-friendly component of any GPC program.

Because Phantom is the only nonrepellent liquid labeled for food-handling areas it opens up a wealth of new business opportunities for PMPs in any establishment where food is handled, served or stored. And since Phantom can be used with baits, it can be used to make existing accounts far more effective too.


Price: P3,900.00 1 liter

Isoptex 5SC contains 5% Fipronil, an active ingredient proven to control termites by contact and ingestion. It is environment friendly and has two major actions; the domino effect that elevates to new level of colony management and its long residual action.

Price: P5,600.00 1 liter

Optigard® Termite Liquid for the control of termites Optigard ® Termite Liquid is a highly active non-repellent insecticide with excellent mammalian and environmental profiles. It can be used for the control of subterranean termites applied as pre-construction and post construction application at the recommended label rates by certified pest control operators.   Download Brochure>>    

Toxicological Profile

Hazard Indicator Species Optigard Termite Liquid Oral LD50 Rat >5,000 mg/kg body weight (Practically Non-Toxic) Dermal LD50 Rat >5,050 mg/kg body weight (Practically Non-Toxic) Inhalation LC 50 (4h) Rat 2670 mg/m³ (Practically Non-Toxic) Eye Irritation Rabbit Minimally irritating Skin Irritation Rabbit Slightly irritating Skin Sensitization Guinea pig Not a sensitizing Thiamethoxam and its formulations have low acute toxicity to mammals by oral, dermal and inhalation routes of exposure. Skin and eye irritation studies indicate that thiamethoxam is not mutagenic, teratogenic, neurotixic, or a developmental toxicant. Toxicity studies have demonstrated a wide margin of safety to humans when applied following the label’s directions for use and rates.

Price: P3,200

Optigard® Flex Liquid insecticide goes beyond exterior walls. Because pests go beyond exterior walls. The product’s unique, non- repellent chemistry, low use rates, and versatile application methods allow efficient, effective control of pests both indoors and out. Since Optigard Flex is labeled for both indoor and outdoor use, it cuts down on the number of products you need to control an infestation. It’s even versatile enough to be applied as a liquid perimeter spray, spot spray, foam treatment, or crack-and-crevice application—setting a new standard for general pest control.