Mist Blower

Mist Blower


Price: P78,888.88


Price: P55,800.00


Price: P58,888.88

Price: P68,888.88

Backpack Mistblower with 2-MIX Engine

Price: P56,800.00

Displacment: 27.2 cm³ Power: 0.8kw (1.1hp) Weight (dry):  7.9 kg Max. air flow rate : 780³/ h Air flow rate with nozzle: 580³ Air velocity: 81 m/s Container capacity: 10L Fuel tank capacity: 1.05L Max. horizontal spraying distance: 9m
  • Low emission STIHL 2-MIX engine
  • Very light with low centre of gravity close to user's body
  • Comfortable to carry, padded backplate and harness
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Infinitely variable metering knob
  • Special accessories: Pressure pumps, ULV nozzle, hip belt for increased operation comfort.