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Protecting Your Home Against Termites

When you establish a home, one of your goals is to protect it from predators. You put locks on your doors and windows, you install outdoor lights to illuminate entrances, you may even have a security system.

Termite Control Philippines Specialises in

A properly installed chemical barrier prevents entry of foraging termites into the structure but does not eliminate the termite colony There have been so many cases where property owners are driven to desperation because of TERMITES!!!

Termite and Pest Control Fogging Equipments

Thermal Fogger, Electrical ULV cold Fogger, Towed ULV Sprayer, Vehicle Mounted Ulv Aerosol Applicators

Termite and Pest Control Products

For: Termites, Rats, Cockroach, flies, Scorpions

Termite Radiation Treatment

Using the radiation technology, radiation system is directed to the interest area, heating the wood from the inside out. Our system puts our 15 times the power of aconventional termite treatment in a matter of minutes. The wood is too hot for the termite to live.

C.E.K. Termite Control Philippines

Our Company is an industry leader in the area of customizing treatments that provide the best protection at the lowest cost. We use every procedure on the market today and we bring unparalleled expertise in treating your home.

We are the only company in the area that provides you with a choice of all current treatment options. We are ranked by many organizations as the top termite company in expertise in the world.

We are committed to providing its clients high quality pest control and quality services while creating livable environments for our customers. We are sensitive and responsive to our clients’ needs and devoted to their satisfaction. Read More



Termite Control Services Philippines

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