Stronger & longer residual activity

• Provides proven performance and lasting control, even under heavy termite pressure
• Termite-free structure years after application (in the U.S., probuild TC formulation remained effective 10 years and beyond)

Remains in desired application area

• Binds to soil and organic matter
• Remains effective in areas where too much rain or flooding is a concern


• Kills all species of subterranean and drywood termites

User friendly

• Has a very low vapour pressure and therefore does not cause airborne residues that can cause allergies
and other bad effects to users
• Unlike organophospates, it does not have any bad smell

Favorable environmental profile

• Won't be wahed away from the desired application area into water sources
• Designed specifically for use around and under satructures, and such use poses minimal risk to the environment

Made in US

• Manufactured and widely used in the US

• Made by Syngenta

• Owned and produces by Syngenta, the worldwide leader in Professional Pest Management